Getting Around Rome

The Leonardo Express train travels every half an hour between Fiumicino Airport (FCO) and the Termini train station in central Rome. The train ride is about half an hour and is the best option for travelers who need to take trains out of Termini station to elsewhere in Italy, as well as travelers whose destinations are close to the center of Rome. After claiming luggage, look for the signs that say "Stazione FS/Railway Station." The station is two floors up from baggage claim. You must buy a "Per Termini" ticket and insert it into a validation machine before boarding the train. The Ferrovia Metropolitana 1 train also leaves from FCO but goes to stations other than Termini.

Many Rome hotels have courtesy shuttles that will come on call or follow a schedule to pick up travelers at the airport. Always check to see if your hotel offers a shuttle. It might even be free.

Other transport companies offer door-to-door service cars with chauffeurs that can drive travelers to any address in Rome. Advance booking is required for this service and there is a penalty for late cancellation. This can sometimes be the most convenient option for groups of four or more people all headed to the same destination.

There are two main public bus routes that pick up passengers at FCO: Terravision and SIT. Both have routes that go nearly direct to Termini station. The ride is about an hour. There are several other bus services that have more unusual routes. Check the times carefully for these, as they are much more infrequent than the buses that go to city center. All buses leave from the bus station, located outside of Terminal 3.

Taxis are another option. While they are always available and no advance booking is required, they can be among the more expensive transportation options. There is a taxi stand located just outside the front of the airport. Be careful to make sure that your taxi is officially authorized - the vehicle will be yellow or white and will display a license and taxi meter. Look-alike cabs are common at the airport and riding in one can be dangerous. Finally, never agree to use a taxi without knowing what the vehicle is. You could find your luggage locked in the trunk of an expensive limo "taxi" you have just agreed to rent.